Expert PPC Management

Okay, we need to get something clear right from the start, being first is important. Do you remember your first love? Of course you do, and probably your first job, first car and first exotic holiday abroad too. Usain Bolt doesn’t recognize anything else but being first. We can name the first man to walk on the moon, but how about the second and third? No, neither can we.

According to motor racing legend Ayrton Senna, “Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.” and no brain surgeon ever went to work with the intention of not getting it right first time. It’s the same when you’re chasing online sales, it’s a fiercely competitive race and you have to be ahead of the game if you want to real them in.

Google Search

95% Of All Searches Happen On Google

The first page of a Google search result may not be overflowing with visual creativity, but those simple couple of lines under each name heading are the most persuasive, powerful and ultimately influential bits of copy to materialise on any screen or mobile device. And yours need to be on it. Why?  Because;-

95% of all searches in Ireland are done on Google

But most importantly, and we can’t emphasise this enough,

96% of users NEVER – EVER – EVER get past that first page!

ppc management

The Holy Grail Of Cyberspace

So if your company or website simply fails to show up on this Holy Grail of cyberspace, then the chances of your business being found goes straight down the pan. In other words, and to continue the bathroom analogy, you will not be flushed with success any time soon. Your prospects of bringing in vital sales, new customers or promoting that new product, service or special offer are going to be zero, nil, absolutely zilch.

The only way to be certain of reserving your place on page Numero Uno is through Google AdWords. Pay-per-click ads are a brilliant way to reach a targeted, qualified audience while making sure you’re using your budget as wisely as possible. That sounds a simple enough solution, unfortunately owing to the sheer sophistication and increasing complexity of the world’s leading PPC platform, there’s a whole lot of stuff going on and variables that need constant, mind-boggling attention to detail, review and adjustments.


Medical Marvel

Unless you’re an AdWords expert it can feel impossible to keep an eye on everything at once. Besides which you just haven’t got the time to learn and practice the dark art of digital sorcery because you’ve got a business to run, right? What you need is a super talented team of Google AdWords professionals fully focused on what they do, getting their clients on and keeping them on that first page. And to prove they actually know what they are talking about, they’d probably even include First Page in their name too.

In first place we have Reuben May who is literally the first point of contact for all our clients. He is obsessed, in the best possible way, with digital marketing. Apparently PPC and AdWords have been clinically proven to be part of his DNA, much to the bewilderment of the medical profession who’ve never seen a double helix quite like his before.

paper plane


Reuben by his own admission a highflyer, having been Head of Digital Marketing for Ryanair. Taking the First Officer’s seat next to CEO Michael O’Leary, Reuben helped pilot the airline through its successful e-Commerce upgrade and well-publicised digital transformation. It’s no flight of fancy that his initiatives in implementing and running pan-European AdWords campaigns were responsible for seeing both bums on seats and share price climb to all-time highs.

Reuben has also worked with Denis O’ Brien and was instrumental in transforming into by redefining the original classified business model into one that concentrates on selling exciting brand new home appliances online.


Google Accredited Experts

Ably aided and abetted by his team of Google inspired hotshots and equally fanatical AdWords crusaders at First Page Reuben is helping many of the country’s leading businesses to completely rejuvenate and reinvigorate their online operations.

We’ve given a magnificent makeover to world-class cosmetic surgery practitioners and earned exceptional rates of interest for mortgage and life insurance specialists But don’t take our word for it, you can read theirs and other spectacular PPC success stories on our Testimonials page.


Committed To The Success Of Your Business

As your partner in crime we are committed to the success of your business, its long term strategy and immediate needs and goals.We will build the ultimate PPC campaign on Google AdWords that will consistently drive head-dizzying levels of traffic to your Checkout at costs lower than the average bag of fried potatoes.

Like William Tell we believe that accurate targeting is an essential part of every pay per click campaign we build. We identify and select effective keywords geared toward visitors that have already made journeys further along the buying cycle. They’ve done their research, they know what they want and are primed to click that ‘Buy’ button – and we intend that they are not going to click anyone else’s but yours!


Years Of Experience

First Page pay per click campaigns are built utilizing years of experience gained by Reuben and our excitable team of digital delinquents to turbo-charge your search engine visibility. We are seasoned professionals, but not in a salt and pepper kind of way.

Our core focus is to deliver the optimum campaign for you by eliminating wasteful spend by exercising every tool we have in our AdWords toolbox including negative keywords, effective adgroup segmentation, mobile bid adjustments, geo targeting and relevant ad copy. As you’ve probably worked out by now we have one of the finest copywriters to ever put the fizz into someone’s biz.


Improve Your Online Sales

At First Page we are all about helping you to dramatically improve your online sales performance and then actively maintain those levels. We have a market leading methodology of providing real-time analytics and statistical accountability for AdWords spend.

And by increasing your return on advertising investment you’ll have a sizeable wedge that could be looking for a profitable home elsewhere in the marketplace.