The Good Old Days

In the good old days when you went to business school there were such enthralling subjects as corporate law, information and control in organisations, macroeconomics and joy of joy, double entry book-keeping.

The highlight on any timetable was always of course the marketing mix modules when those of a more creative inclination could scarcely contain their excitement as they stepped through that tantalising portal and into the mythical and magical world of advertising.



On Day One, Lecture One

On day one, lecture one, the tutors would adopt the persona of some genius comedy writer as they pronounced to the expectant collection of wide-eyed, open-mouthed students that “All companies know that they waste half their advertising budget, the only problem is, they don’t know which half!” This side-splitting hilarity would propel them through their final exams and has probably stayed with many well into their entrepreneurial careers. Such jocularity was strangely lost on the apprentices of accountancy, and one can only imagine the nightmares this revelation was to cause future financial directors.


Fast Forward

Fast forward a decade or so and those lecturers have had their beloved catchphrase obliterated, shredded and dispatched to the great academic dustbin in the sky. Pay per Click advertising is lightning fast, pinpoint accurate, hyper measurable, drives revenue and gets you immediate results. And both halves of your budget are performing as amazingly as each other!

As you only pay for ads that have been clicked, if no-one actually clicks you don’t have to pay so your investment is guaranteed a positive return in terms of driving web traffic.

ppc management

PPC Management Companies

The more effective PPC management companies will also hard work to get the most value for their clients through minimizing the Cost per Acquisition or CPA of their ad campaigns.

By reducing the cost of each click and increasing the conversion rate of a landing page, they are making sure that their customers are achieving the very best with their marketing budget. That’s a lot more small contained explosions for your buck or Eurodollar.

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Inspired Decision

When you’ve made the inspired decision to choose First Page as your super-talented Pay per Click management agency we will tease, wrench, screw, squeeze, coerce, extort and extract the maximum Return on Investment for every penny of your AdWords budget.

Our transparent reporting will show you clearly in black and white how brilliantly your marketing allocation is performing. Nothing squandered, nothing wasted and you will always be in complete control.

meeting women

Charmed And Delighted

Once you’ve been charmed and delighted by our very own master of digital ceremonies Reuben May and your forever first point of contact, we’ll know precisely where your business is and where you want to take it. Apart from being blessed with rakish good looks Reuben is an excellent listener with an incisive analytical mind to match Sherlock Holmes. Fortunately we’ve managed to persuade him to ditch the deerstalker and pipe, but he will still have deduced your motivation and opportunities with a precise understanding of your immediate goals along with your longer term objectives.


Custom Build

We can then start to custom build your unique AdWords campaign. We’ll carry out a critical keyword analysis and isolate even the most seemingly innocent of negative keywords that could throw the occasional spanner into the works. We’ll then create carefully crafted copy for multiple ads for each of your selected groups.

The Google AdWords platform is mind bending in its sheer complexity and we need to be certain that your initial setup accounts are tuned to perfection to maximise results and are capable of microscopic budgetary analysis.


Beady Eyes

Then it’s time to press the big red shiny button to get you launched and drive all that fully primed and ready to buy traffic to your own ‘Buy Now’ button.

But that’s not the end of it. In fact it’s only the start as the Google platform, in all its world dominating, real time magnificence is a continually developing and evolving entity. In other words we’ve got to keep our beady little eyes on it 24/7.



To ensure you achieve all your targets and overall ambitions we constantly monitor a googolplex worth of data, analysing, strategizing and minutely manipulating your account parameters to keep you on top of that first Google search page. It’s an ongoing process that we reflect in our fee structure. We believe in building lasting, profitable and enjoyable relationships with our clients and we don’t want anyone tied into a loveless marriage. With FirstPage there are no long-term contracts with impenetrable footnotes or uninterpretable legal jargon.



Your AdWords Account

For setting up your AdWords accounts, which by the way will be all our original work and created individually for you, there is a one-off, New Client Fee. From then on we operate a simple flat rate Monthly Management Service Fee because we know you’ll want to stay with us based of the spectacular results we’ve just generated.

It’s our version of Pay As You Go as you’re free to cancel at any time after the initial setup, but we’d much rather you didn’t.


cost effective

No Unpleasant Surprises

There’s going to be no unpleasant surprises either as our fee is based on the volume of monthly traffic generated which we will have already agreed with you as part of your campaign setup. You will always know exactly how much you are going to pay from one month to the next.

And remember the clicks you pay for are paid directly to Google AdWords and not to FirstPage.


To Help Make Up Your Mind

To help make your mind up, and prove that we have total confidence in what we can do for your business we offer a risk free, First Month Full Money Back Guarantee if you’re not teetering on the verge of ecstasy, or at least completely over-the-moon. We understand that no two clients are the same. Whether you are a hairdresser on the high street or a multinational pharmaceutical supplier you will have your own distinct targets and budgetary consideration.

But whatever your enterprise or venture, this could be the very best investment you’ve ever made, now all you have to do is let Reuben tell you why.



AdWords PPC Management Fees

Monthly Budget
(Paid to Google)
Monthly Fee
(Paid to
Up to €1,500€375
€1,500 to €3,000€750
€3,000 to €5000€1,250
€5,000 to €10,000€1,500
€10,000 to €15,000€2,250
€15,000 to €20,000€3,000
€20,000 to €30,000€4,500
€30,000 to €40,000€6,000
Over €40,000Call Us