AdWords Pay Per Click Management

What We Do is Pay per Click Management. That’s it. Nothing more – nothing less. But when we do it, it’s bloody awesome!

What we won’t do however is tie you up technically or financially. There are no long-term binding contracts drawn up by dodgy legal firms with small print that’s only decipherable with an electron microscope. Our service is provided openly on a month by month basis so your decision to stay with us is based purely on the results we’ve just delivered, which will be brilliant by the way.


How We Do It

First Page has tamed the ultimate team of Google inspired hotshots and fanatical AdWords crusaders who all live and work happily together under one roof in Dublin. Be warned, they are not easily distracted. Through their devilish cunning and dedicated professionalism they can ensure that whenever people search Google for the kind of products and services you provide your very own ad will appear right next to the results on any internet-enabled device. Best of all you’ll only ever pay when people click that ad.



Master Of Digital

By the time you’ve been charmed and delighted by Reuben May, our master of digital sorcery and always your first point of contact, we will have already got to know you rather well. We’ll understand what you want your business to achieve and how you’ve tried to achieve it in the past.

Only when we fully appreciate where you’re coming from can we build the optimum PPC strategy to take you where you want to be.

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Pimp My PPC Campaign

We will devise and create an initial, perfectly crafted, custom Pay per Click setup unique to you and your business. Your website will be tweaked into a more welcoming place and its landing pages reinvigorated for the onslaught of conversions they are about to perform.  Our critical Keyword selection process means that whatever your target market, we’ll have found the right words for it.

An interesting point is that words that are spectacularly effective for pulling in new visitors to your site aren’t necessarily the same as those that will entice primed buyers who know what they want and are ready to buy. We know the difference and use it for your benefit. And as there’s a yin for every yang we’ll also build and implement a comprehensive Negative Keyword list for words that are completely ineffective or may even deter visitors and buyers.

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Our Service

Few companies produce a single colour, one size fits all widget. Instead you have products and services of all shapes and sizes with different promotions running at different times or even simultaneously.

This could mean disaster without a clear strategy. Being enlightened and open-minded we don’t like to pigeon-hole anything, but we are deadly serious about segmentation and tracking.


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Pay Per Click Campaigns

Most in-house or do-it-yourself pay per click campaigns are set up too broadly with too few ads and keyword groups. As a result the ads themselves are also too general to capture the imagination of those customers on the verge of purchase. Keywords will all be lumped together in one glutinous mass, clicks will suffer and searchers will give up the will to live trying to get to the pages they need. At FirstPage we surgically segment your ads and keywords according to your various products or services to ensure your campaign is as tight as a drum and as effective as a sledgehammer on a peanut.


Mission Control

In dictionary corner our copywriting guru will weave together wonderful winning words for multiple ads across different ad groups, their timing and pin point geographical targeting loaded and locked. And like an interplanetary space shot, we’ll install more tracking codes for real-time data processing on Google Analytics than can be handled by your average NASA Mission Control room. With pre-flight checks complete, it’s ignition sequence and blast-off, your campaigns are launched and barrage new traffic is on an incoming trajectory.


AdWords Best Practices

Using Google AdWords Best Practices we’ll have a bird-like view of every piece of information and can report on and amend your campaigns quickly and efficiently to enhance your bottom line.

Once we’re flying, PPC management becomes a constant real-time exercise of monitoring and analysing results and continual strategic fine-tuning.



Google Certified Partner

As a Google certified partner our super-talented PPC professionals have full access to the industry’s ultimate toy box for all the latest features and innovations. With industry standard technology we can ensure your campaign not only develops but evolves as well. We’re so brilliant at it that we can even do it in our sleep with an excellent function that automates the more brain numbing repetitive tasks. It’s Artificial Intelligence and we love it.

Perhaps not quite in the league of driverless cars just yet, but the sophisticated layers of automation we run in the background make minute campaign adjustments. The changes may be too quick for the mere mortal mind to comprehend, however the quantifiable performance improvements are immediate.


AdWords Data

The sheer quantity of data generated by an AdWords campaign can boggle the mind. Fortunately our minds are beyond the state of any bogglement so we can use it decisively and profitably. The fact that the internet gives us more to look at and more information to make decisions means that a PPC campaign needs to do more than just get visitors to your landing pages. If you’re targeting consumers, 96% of shoppers won’t make a purchase on their first site visit and for commercial customers about 50% will visit up to 4 different sites before making an enquiry.


Data Driven

Using Google Analytics we can see who has visited your site or mobile app but left without any transaction. We can tell which pages they visited and how long they stayed there to the nearest nanosecond. As we don’t want these highly motivated potential customers to escape we can tailor specific banner ads to follow them around other websites to reconnect or remarket to them. Remarketing to people who have already shown an interest in your products and services will tempt them to click and return and this time buy.